Triple Super Phosphate

The Wide-Ranging Benefits of TSP

Cost Effectiveness

TSP is the most cost-effective phosphate fertilizer for fall application. Other fertilizers include an added cost for nitrogen, which is often lost during the winter months, meaning it does not actually benefit your crops. Nitrogen-free TSP, however, offers a more efficient and economical solution for your phosphorus needs. Additionally, without the needless loss of nitrogen, you can reach your conservation goals with a more cost-effective solution.

The cost figures provided herein are purely illustrative and for example purposes only. For pricing information, please contact you retailer.

Fall Application Advantage

TSP is the recommended fertilizer for fall application because it is free of nitrogen runoff, leaching and denitrification. Applying TSP is sustainable and effective, boosting crop productivity while minimizing environmental impact. In rigorous comparisons, TSP has demonstrated yield results equivalent to traditional mono-ammonium phosphate (MAP) and di-ammonium phosphate (DAP) fertilizers, but without the nitrogen loss.

Greater Flexibility

As a single nutrient source, TSP is ideal for variable rate application in the fall. Apply the exact amount of phosphorus you need, precisely where your crops need it. No need to worry about varying nitrogen rates. That is because TSP gives you the 4Rs:

  • Right source
  • Right rate
  • Right time
  • Right place

Yield Comparison

See for yourself how TSP provides the same yields as MAP but without the nitrogen loss.

TSP at a Glance


Fall applied N from DAP largely lost to runoff, leaching and denitrification.


TSP is more cost effective in the fall compared to MAP and DAP.

VR Optimization

VR application should rely on single nutrient sources, such as TSP, for the most precise application.

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Outstanding Crop Nutrition

The phosphorus in TSP dissolves quickly, at over 90% water-soluble, supporting rapid crop growth in the spring. TSP also provides calcium, another essential nutrient for crop growth. Because it contains no nitrogen, TSP is the preferred choice for nitrogen-free, bulk-blend fertilizers that are commonly prescribed for legumes.