Growing Value with Innovation and Committed Partnerships

Trusted to Help North American Agriculture Grow

As the leading supplier of a vast supply of phosphate-based fertilizers, we combine heavy investment in R&D with industry-leading expertise and innovation drawn from over 100 years of developing and distributing innovative phosphorus solutions that deliver proven results. With a global supply-chain network, world-class industrial management and deep agronomic background, North American farmers and retailers can confidently rely upon OCP to provide them exactly what they need, exactly when they need it.

Quality & Supply

OCP is the world’s leading supplier of phosphate, with the highest quality and enough supply to last for over 400 years as well as over 100 years of experience leading in technology and innovation. With the agility and flexibility needed to quickly respond to changing market needs, you can rely on us now and for years into the future.

Our Expert Team

Our robust team is dedicated to serving North American customers, with just the right combination of local knowledge and global support. We take immense pride in our vast expertise in soil and plant science, which we utilize in every aspect of the agriculture value chain. Our team includes industry veterans and PhD-level scientific experts who contribute their valuable insights to deliver the highest level of service and support to our valued customers.

The OCP Difference

OCP has the largest known supply of high-quality phosphate rock in the world, as well as an efficient, modern facility that’s also the world’s largest, while our 12 production lines give us the agility to rapidly respond to changing market needs. We take full advantage of our technology and deep investment in R&D to create and distribute fertilizer products that increase crop yield and quality while improving soil conditions, fertilizer efficiency, plant health and economic returns with a reliable supply that can be counted on for decades to come.

Our Sustainability Promise

We are dedicated to helping to make our world a better place to grow, with goals of 100% clean energy operations by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2040. Additionally, we will have 100% of water needs met by non-conventional sources by 2030, reutilizing 80% of wastewater from phosphate enrichment to ensure efficient water management. We will continue to meet market demands while developing this responsible and innovative energy program that is central to our sustainable growth approach. We owe it to our farmers to feed the soil that feeds the world, and our commitment to eco-friendly operations plays an important role in this mission.