TerraTek® Sulphur-Enhanced Phosphate Fertilizers

Go Beyond Traditional Solutions

The Optimal Balance of Crop Nutrition

Each granule of TerraTek fertilizer is meticulously crafted to contain an optimal, consistent blend of key nutrients vital to crop development. TerraTek’s unique technology ensures each granule is homogeneous, providing uniform nutrient distribution across the entire field and enhancing crop nutrient uptake. Traditional fertilizer blends often have each nutrient in separate granules, resulting in inconsistent distribution and even some plants not accessing vital nutrients. TerraTek delivers balanced nutrition to every plant, resulting in higher yields.

A Dual Approach to Sulfur

TerraTek is unique from other commodity fertilizers in its inclusion of two forms of sulfur: sulfate and elemental sulfur. This twofold strategy ensures season-long sulfur availability and supports robust root growth, allowing plants to absorb essential nutrients more efficiently. While sulfate is available for immediate plant uptake, the micronized elemental sulfur converts into sulfate as soil temperatures rise. This slow release makes it ideal for fall application, aligning with a crop’s season-long needs.

An Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizer

TerraTek is an enhanced efficiency fertilizer (EEF), proven to increase nutrient availability for plants and crops while reducing environmental nutrient loss. The sulfate in TerraTek is absorbed immediately, but is also water-soluble and can be subject to leaching. In order to address your crops’ season-long needs, elemental sulfur continually replenishes the supply of sulfate to your crops without fear of sulfate losses, as it is water-insoluble and will not readily leach. TerraTek combines the two for both immediate and season-long availability. These slow-release characteristics qualify it as an EEF per the Association of American Plant Food Controls Officials (AAPFCO, 2009).

TerraTek at a Glance


Highly concentrated in P, N and S.


Incorporation of micronutrients such as zinc, for crops and soils with specific needs.

Increased Uptake

Sulfur availability is maximized by the combination of sulfate and micronized elemental sulfur, to increase uptake of nutrients.

Season Long

Contains micronized sulfur, which provides both sulfate and elemental sulfur to ensure season-long sulfur availability.

The Growing Need for Sulfur

As soil deficiencies become increasingly apparent, North American farmers need more sulfur. From protein synthesis and photosynthesis to chlorophyll formation and nitrogen fixation, sulfur plays a vital role in plant development, yield and grain quality. Sulfur had previously self-regulated, supplied through organic matter and sulfur dioxide emissions from the atmosphere. As crops increasingly remove sulfur, more growers use no-till, crop residues rise and lower emissions reduce sulfur levels in the soil and atmosphere, and sulfur availability continues to shrink. TerraTek helps meet the growing need for sulfur simply, effectively and consistently, with a continuous release of sulfur all season long.

Source: ECCC Data Catalogue

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