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High-Quality Fertilizer Products

OCP offers farmers across North America high-quality phosphate fertilizer products that help optimize yields and returns. As a trusted strategic partner, we play an important role in ensuring sustainability and global competitiveness in farming operations.

Triple Super Phosphate

Triple Super Phosphate (TSP) is a preferred source of phosphorus for farmers around the world. It has the highest phosphorus content among straight phosphate fertilizers. It doesn’t contain nitrogen and dissolves quickly to support rapid plant growth.


The TerraTek line of sulfur-enhanced phosphate fertilizer products provides farmers with the optimal balance of phosphorus, nitrogen, sulfur and micronutrients to maximize crop yields with precise and season-long nutritional uptake.

Who We Are

As the leading global supplier of high-quality phosphate fertilizers, phosphoric acid and phosphate rock, North American farmers and the agriculture industry trust us as their strategic partner for a reliable supply of innovative, high-quality products and technologies. With more than a century of industry experience, farmers and retailers can feel confident knowing we’ll be there to provide products and solutions that deliver consistent results.

Our Products

Our portfolio of products increases crop yield and quality while improving soil conditions, fertilizer efficiency, plant health and economic returns. Combined with our global expertise and innovation, OCP is focused on fertilizer products that help create more successful seasons.