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Discover our fertilizer products designed to provide optimal solutions for your operation. OCP offers high-quality phosphate products, leveraging our years of experience of helping our partners find success both locally and globally. This is how we can deliver consistent results for your operation.

Triple Super Phosphate

Triple Super Phosphate (TSP) delivers numerous benefits for North American farmers, including cost effectiveness, greater flexibility, outstanding crop nutrition and the notable advantage of avoiding nitrogen loss. Perfect for fall application, TSP boosts crop productivity sustainably and effectively. Discover how TSP is helping farmers enhance yield while saving money.

TerraTek® Fertilizer

This line of sulfur-enhanced phosphate fertilizers provides the optimal blend of phosphorus, nitrogen, sulfur and essential micronutrients to maximize crop yields. TerraTek® fertilizers go beyond traditional solutions with their innovative, all-in-one granule that uniformly distributes the ideal balance of nutrients across your fields. Using state-of-the-art technology, TerraTek supplies two forms of sulfur to guarantee sustained availability and crop nourishment all season long. TerraTek acts as a multivitamin for your crops and peace of mind for you.

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