Committed To Growing North American Agriculture

As the trusted supplier of a vast supply of phosphate-based fertilizer, we offer the North American market a blend of global and local expertise. With world-class industrial management, a global supply-chain network and a deep agronomic background, we are committed to sustainable growth initiatives.

Quality & Supply

OCP is the custodian of the largest known supply of phosphate rock in the world, accounting for about 70% of global reserves. We take this responsibility seriously, working to establish and protect strategic long-term partnerships with like-minded organizations to bring farmers a reliable supply of products and technologies that deliver consistent results. With industry-leading operations, we have found innovative mining, transportation and production techniques that prioritize a balance between sustainable practices, consistent supply and cost-efficiency.

Team & Expertise

Our dedicated team is devoted to serving North American customers, providing a unique combination of local knowledge and global support. We take immense pride in our vast expertise in soil science and plant science, covering every aspect of the agriculture value chain. Our team comprises of industry veterans and Ph.D.-level scientific experts who contribute their invaluable insights to deliver the highest level of service and support to our valued customers.

Job Openings:

The OCP Difference

As a long-standing global supplier dedicated to farmers worldwide, our experience spans over 100 years with more than 40 years serving North America. With ample reserves, we are well-prepared to ensure a continuous and reliable supply of high-quality fertilizer products for many decades to come.


In our pursuit of a 100% clean energy operation by 2030, we prioritize minimizing our energy consumption and environmental impact while meeting global market demands. Our responsible and innovative energy program is central to our sustainable growth approach, reducing our carbon footprint and diversifying energy sources for a cleaner future. Additionally, reutilizing 80% of wastewater from phosphate enrichment supports our sustainability goals and ensures efficient water management, furthering our commitment to eco-friendly operations.