Introducing OCP North America

OCP North America is a recently-created subsidiary of the OCP Group, a leading, global plant-nutrition company headquartered in Morocco.

The OCP Group has been supplying plant nutrition products to North American farmers for many years, working from Morocco with a web of partners in North America. OCP North America has assumed direct responsibility for the OCP Group's already-substantial North American Sales and Marketing portfolio. The growing OCP North America team will expand and diversify our footprint and relationships in North America with a strong emphasis on understanding and responding to the changing needs of North American farmers.

Our Commitment to Farmers in North America

North American farmers play an important role in feeding the planet, and they are increasingly committed to do so in a sustainable way that permits them to be careful stewards of their most precious asset, their soil. Leveraging its growing presence "on the ground" in the US and Canada, OCP North America will engage deeply with farmers and the complex web of companies that serve their needs, to assure that we are providing farmers with the right products, at the right time, at the right price so they can be productive and profitable while also contributing to make our agriculture and food systems more sustainable and environmentally responsible.

Our Team

A fast-growing Commercial team based in Minneapolis is leading our efforts to deepen and expand our reach to North American farmers and the organizations that serve them directly for their plant nutrition needs. A distributed support team in New York and elsewhere is building the support functions and broader relationships necessary for success. In addition, a small group of colleagues distributed across North America are building strong ties with academic, R&D, and innovation partners across the entire Ag/Food sector, and strengthening our contribution to broader debate and action on sustainable agriculture. We are also building strong North American ties to a new world-class, R&D-focused university that the OCP Group has incubated in Morocco, the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, which also serves as a major bridge to innovation in agriculture and other sectors on the African continent.

For more information about OCP North America, including job openings and opportunities for partnership, please visit our LinkedIn page.

About the OCP Group

The OCP Group is the global leader in the phosphate-based fertilizer sector, with clients on five continents. The company is integrated across the entire phosphate value chain, extracting, marketing and selling phosphate and its derivatives -- phosphoric acid and fertilizers -- to customers on five continents. In Morocco, the OCP Group is the largest corporate employer, with close to 21,000 employees.

A major capital investment program in recent years has dramatically expanded OCP's production capabilities while driving down our production costs and diversifying the product lines that we can offer to global markets, as farmers worldwide become more sophisticated and demanding in their expectations of the quality, diversity and appropriateness of the nutrients they apply to feed their crops.

For more information about our parent company, please visit OCP Group.

OCP North America, Inc.

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